A Helping Hand

After a year of running Fun-Lugha all on my own I felt like it’s time to employ some much needed help. Now here’s something most people don’t know about me. I am really shy-as in extremely, cat gets my tongue kind of shy! And I started off teaching-go figure how I managed that with my personality!

Anyway, seeing as I could be meeting three times the number of potential clients I usually meet I figured it was time to hire experts. Those for whom running off their mouths-no offense, is what they easily do for a living. So I posted a few ads here and there regarding marketing agents and the response has been overwhelming. Not all have been as enthusiastic about the whole deal once I explained it to them but a few have shown promise. I’ve been meeting and interviewing people for the past 2 weeks and will continue to do so for sometime to come. By the way if you are reading this and are interested in particulars do get in touch with me.

Speaking of my rather shy personality, I thought I had to start doing something about it otherwise a lot was gonna pass me by. So I signed up for TASEF the other day (look it up-you shouldn’t miss the next one!) and attended the forum. I am so glad I did! I learnt quite a lot and met some very interesting people as well as made a good number of connections-quite impressive for a newbie! I do intend to attend future such forums/seminars and hopefully get more people to know about Fun-Lugha, because that is the ultimate goal.

All in all I am very optimistic about Fun-Lugha’s future, we are spreading our wings and there’s absolutely no limit for us. We are getting to serve more and more reputable organizations and I honestly couldn’t ask for more, very blessed I am.

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