Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Where are your offices located?
At the moment Fun-Lugha is 100% web-based so essentially our registered address is home in Makonde, Mbezi Beach. However, if you must meet us, we are more than happy to arrange that. As soon as we have an office away from home we will be sure to let everyone know.

2) Just what is Fun-Lugha?
Contrary to popular belief, we are not a language school or anything of that sort. Rather we are the middleman that connects clients with language service providers. For tutors we will connect you to one and generally that’s as far as we’ll go. When it comes to other service providers however, we are usually very hands on and we would manage projects such as translating, proofreading, transcribing etc. We monitor all projects and ensure only a quality product is submitted to the client.

3) And just why should I as a client choose Fun-Lugha over all the other (cheaper) options out there?
Well you do know what they say about seemingly cheap things usually turning out to be the most expensive ones right? To be fair some freelancers do excellent work for a comparatively cheaper price and as the founder of Fun-Lugha initially started off as a freelancer, getting rave reviews from clients in the process, we would also totally choose freelancers over us. Much more than a few pennies however, we would choose peace of mind any day! How do we guarantee your peace of mind i.e. by assuring you you are in good hands?

i) Fun-Lugha is a registered business, BRELA, TRA…they all know about us-just search us and we are there.
ii) Before founding Fun-Lugha, the owner did all sorts of language related work-tutoring, translating, interpreting, proofreading-you name it, chances are she’s done it! We know exactly what we are doing, and we’ve got plenty of very happy clients ready to vouch for our professionalism, fast turnover rate and just overall excellent customer service.
If that doesn’t give you peace of mind and confidence in us then frankly we don’t know if anything ever will!

4) How much do you charge?
For language tuition, this will best be answered by our tutors as they set their own charges. Some tutors have indicated their fees on their profiles but as for the others, clients will have to ask directly when they contact them or us.
As for other service providers, their charges depend on the type of job at hand so they will first ask for further details regarding the job eg. deadline, subject matter etc so that they may come up with the most appropriate and fair quote.

5) How does the payment work?
Please refer to our payment policy under the User Agreement section.

6) Can I teach at your offices?
Refer to #1 above

7) The person I picked was a disaster! Could you recommend someone else?
First of all this is not a FAQ! And we deeply apologise for your horrible experience, that is just not how FLLS rolls. We will do our level best to personally hand pick and recommend another (excellent) member at no extra charge.

8) How can we reach you?
Your best bet is via email i.e the contact section. Just email us and we would generally reply within half an hour. Otherwise, expect our reply in not more than 6 hours-that’s a promise.

9) The tutor did not show up and offered no reasonable explanation, can I get a refund?
Yes you may as long as you contact us within 7 days. We will check with the tutor to confirm this and if we do you will be refunded in full within 7 days of us confirming the fact. If you contact us after 7 days we may or may not refund you at our discretion.

10) I’ve been registered for so long, why no clients?
This unfortunately is something we cannot control. Clients do the member selection so whoever they like they will pick. There are times they ask us for advice and we would recommend certain members whom  we feel would satisfy their requirements. And how would we know who to recommend? By selecting the best profiles i.e. experience, academic qualifications etc. Otherwise if you’ve never had a client show interest in you find out why by cheating a little! Compare your profile with others and see if there’s some important information about yourself you didn’t provide that others have. Also when it comes to the Personal Profile section, we always say ‘sell youself!’, meaning present yourself in a way that the client is gonna have no choice but to select you over 20 or so other members. It’s a jungle at FLLS and only the ones with excellent profiles survive am afraid!
However, if you tick all the boxes and still no clients, then it could just be that whatever you are offering is not as popular as what others are offering. eg. Swahili is hands down the most sought after language on here so it’s mostly those affiliated with the language that get the most work. But all in all worry not, you may not get regular work, but work you will get-soon enough.

11) How long should I wait for the tutor I contacted to reply to my request?
We usually request our tutors to reply within 3 days, as much as possible. However, in actual fact & due to unforeseen circumstances we allow up to 1 week. Therefore if a client has waited this long and still no reply from the contacted tutor, then we will give them only 1 warning and after which they will have their account suspended until they can give us a reasonable explanation. Time is money and we for one don’t like to waste neither ours nor our clients’.

12) The client who contacted me hasn’t gotten back to me.
Usually clients have 3 responses after the member they’ve contacted gives them the information they asked for:
i) They reply back and decide to go ahead and work with that member – this is the ideal scenario for all concerned
ii) They say they will think about it and get back to the member (which sometimes they do but most of the time this is usually code for “I am no longer interested, thank you very much”)
iii) They will stay silent without even acknowledging receipt of the member’s reply (this is the most frustrating and sadly most common scenario because our members feel so disappointed and let down and we also feel like that particular client does not really respect the time we spent processing their request).
All we can say to those frustrating scenarios is that if you’ve been in this business long enough then you must know that you win some and then again lose some, so kindly take it all in your stride and wait for your next win.