Fun-Lugha’s Year-End Review…

And here we are, just a day shy of the 2016-hurrah!

It’s been an interesting year to say the least. Started off pretty slow then just like that everything just accelerated from getting more clients to bigger projects etc etc. Not everything has been a bed of roses, however, we’ve had our disappointments, clients that cancelled at the last minute, LSPs that failed to show up-all sorts of things really but at the end of the day we wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. It toughened us up, made us even more determined to survive in this language industry and made us reach the end of 2015 still intact.

Plans for 2016? Pretty much keep doing what we’ve been doing but on a more intense scale. Advertise more aggressively, network with more diverse groups of people and generally just make sure everybody knows what Fun-Lugha is and what amazingly awesome service we offer and deliver because trust us we do-always!

A special mention to companies that trusted us with projects big and small even when we had no portfolio to speak of. You trusted us and we don’t mean to brag but we absolutely killed it! An extra special mention to Gentle Giant Productions, Extreme Web Solutions & Espell Language Presence Solutions.

Last but not least, a shout out to our ever hard working, reliable, super efficient (we are running out of positive adjectives here!) LSPs without whom we wouldn’t have gotten any of our projects done. It may not have always been a smooth ride, we may not have always agreed on certain issues but as always we delivered-and on time too! Extra shout out to these 3 translators who shone just that little bit more – Rahma, Pius & Aritamba – you have no idea how much your work is appreciated. Let’s definitely do this again next year and for years to come-inshallah!

So here’s to raising our glasses and saying farewell to the year that was, 2015 and getting ready for a fantastic and rewarding, 2016. See you on the other side-God willing.

Happy new year!


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