How It Works

First off, Fun-Lugha is NOT a language school. Rather, we are the middleman that connects clients with language service providers. (more on this on our FAQ section). Clients can check out our language providers’ profiles for FREE and may contact as many tutors as they wish to but language providers are not able to contact clients. This is to protect our clients from being bombarded with offer messages which admittedly may get a bit annoying sometimes. (NOTE that to contact any of our language service providers one has to first register as a client). Providers looking to register to work with us and have their profiles displayed on this website can also do so FREE of charge.

Language students (or those seeking a tutor for someone else), may follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to All Service Providers page
  2. Use the search feature to search for the tutor you require
  3. Contact the tutor/s you feel will fit your requirements- this is to help you settle any burning questions or concerns you may have before making your mind up. (note that while discussing your needs with the tutor no personal/contact information should be exchanged at this point, this will be provided by Fun-Lugha once you contact us and let us know that you have found a tutor willing to teach you).
  4. Once you’ve agreed to work with a certain tutor, Contact Us.
  5. We will take you through what is required of you, then provide the tutor’s contact details for you to start communicating outside of our system.


Other clients (translation, interpretation etc) may follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Contact Us page
  2. Leave us a message detailing the job in hand, giving us specifics such as the type of job, submission deadline (if applicable), the number of language service providers (LSP) required (in the case of interpreters), your budget (if applicable)
  3. We will reply to your message within 4 hours of you sending it but note that Fun-Lugha is always closed during Sabbath hence if you contact us then, you may be made to wait a bit longer for our reply.

Note to clients and language service providers:

Fun-Lugha manages ALL language  projects and is fully involved every step of the way. Projects such as translation, transcription etc will be sent to Fun-Lugha, we will manage them and submit them back to the client within the agreed timeline.

In the case of tuition, as soon we release tutor’s details to students, Fun-Lugha will immediately step back. We are of course always available to listen to any concerns the tutors or students may have regarding the other but generally we tend to interfere as little as possible. After 2 weeks, Fun-Lugha will ask the student for feedback and if there are no complaints then that is the last time the student will hear from us.