Your feedback is very important to us for many reasons. First of all, because we are always looking to improve our services and provide you with only the best. Secondly, it’s important to potential new clients that may be looking to work with us as they get an idea of the kind of service that we as well as our members provide. Please leave us your thoughts, positive or negative, we’ll be sure to work on them accordingly. You may send us the feedback via email (info@fun-lugha.com) or leave a review on our facebook page (facebook.com/funlugha/reviews)

Elisa Monagle (Steps Group): Fun-Lugha was great to work with, followed instructions well and presented the work neatly. Thanks for your time and efforts, Fun-Lugha!

Dylan Groves (IPA): Fun-Lugha did wonderful work on short notice, I am very thankful!

Andreas Steffensen (World Poverty Solutions): Elise did a fantastic job translating legal documents for us. The translation was spot on, and turn-around was quicker than we expected. We hope to work with her again in the future.

Susie Watts (WILDAID): We were delighted with the service we received. The translation of a long and technical pdf document was carried out quickly and professionally. Fun-Lugha also did its utmost to ensure that the layout of the original pdf remained unchanged after translation. This is not easy when Swahili takes up more space than English! We will definitely contract Fun-Lugha again.

Nellie (Found Object): Elise was an absolute professional, and a pleasure to work with. High quality of work, great communication, speedy turn around. Thank you!

Erasto Chiwango (FINCA): I’m glad to find Fun-Lugha. Elise have never let me down when it comes to translation work. She is professional and patient when pressurized, she is good even on managing short time notice and deliver on time. Thank you very much!

Peter Illetschko (Juntos): Great communication and honesty. Also punctual and on time

Rachel Steinacher (IPA): It was a pleasure to work with Elise Diana. Her work was of high quality, done quickly, and she worked with us to ensure that our fairly strict data security protocols were adhered to. We are looking forward to working with her again!

Miri Hutcherson (Juntos): Elise has been such a wonderful addition to our team. Incredibly prompt, communicative, and with a real attention to how the text will be used and understood by a reader. Will definitely continue to work with Elise.

Kar Kapoor: Elise Diana put me in touch with a Portuguese tutor. She was fantastic and very flexible in terms of days and times. I would definitely recommend Fun-Lugha!

Mercy Murete: Always a pleasure working with Fun Lugha as a service provider. The professionalism, team work, prompt feedback, and timely payment makes working with them a whole lot worthwhile . I definitely recommend it.

Janet Doherty (Boclair Academy): Thank you very much Elise for all your help regarding Tanzanian culture and all the materials you prepared for us. It has been great having the support of an expert and your listening files are perfect. I have learned so much from you and I am completely fascinated by all things Tanzanian now!

Kirsi Salo: Bought interview transcribing services. Very accurate, excellent communication towards the client and trustworthy service delivery which was also on time. Nothing bad to say, can highly recommend, very professional. Thanks again!

Cynthia Cynthia: The best place to be. As a service provider, I have experienced working with Fun-lugha, timely payment, clear information and prompt feedback. Will definitely be ready to work with you any time.

Mohsin Sumar (Extreme Web Technologies): I’m very happy with their work, prompt and timely response. I’d definitely come back for future projects and will be highly recommending you to others.

Hakki Erçetin: This week, I got a translation service from Fun-Lugha. The quality of service, the manner of aproaching namely everything was excellent. Briefly, I would like to say that thanks a lot Elise, thanks a lot Linda. Please (maintain) your service like this. Best wishes and regards from Turkiye

Patrick Asaava: The first lesson was great. The tutor is very enthusiastic. I hope I’ll be able to speak Mandarin by the end of the year.

Pius Kiraka: What a pleasure working with Fun-Lugha! Stress-free.

Aritamba Bisansaba: I have had a great experience working with Fun-Lugha – submit the work and you get paid promptly. For any serious translator, I suggest you get registered with Fun-Lugha!

Lusako J. Mwaijande: For an amazing language experience,this is the best place I recommend

Boa Nick: This is really what i wanted, sharing language experiences & interests