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By using you are agreeing to the terms of use described in this agreement. We may change these terms at any time without notice, therefore providers & clients are strongly advised to read and agree to these terms every time they have dealings with

No Solicitation for Outside Activities: 

You will not use the site to distribute or advertise commercial activities of other parties. You will not solicit users to join outside sites or online services or organizations.
Any material contained in this site is for your private personal use only. You may not download the material for commercial use.

Content Accuracy: does not verify the identities of its members  nor do we verify the accuracy of the content they give us.

Reporting Spam and Scams: 

If you encounter suspicious activity, you agree to report this to us immediately.

Your Contact Information: 

You may not write your email address, website address or other contact information when contacting a provider or client. If you represent an organization such as a training company or school, you may not write your organization name or mailing address.

Children under Age 18: 

Children under the age of 18 may not use this site. You must get a guardian to use the site for you.

Limits of Liability: 

We are not liable for any harm or loss that results from your giving out of personal information over our site. We are not liable for any harm or loss that results from your use of any content from this site.


Any content you submit to becomes the property of This includes but is not limited to photos, ideas, concepts and designs you submit as suggestions to retains the right, in its sole discretion, to review, edit or delete from the service any material which deems to be inappropriate.

Be Considerate to Others: 

This is a site for mature and considerate people to find and offer language help. Abuse and harassment will not be tolerated.
If you treat others in an abusive or harassing manner, you will be banned
If you see someone else behaving in an abusive or harassing manner, please report this via our contact section.

Communication Policy:  

All correspondence will go via Fun-Lugha and we may edit some content that we feel should not be shared e.g contact details, location etc. Contact details will only be released once both parties have paid their respective fees to Fun-Lugha.
When a student (or Fun-Lugha) contacts a service provider, we encourage them to reply no later than 3 days after receiving the message. Should the service provider not adhere to this rule and if they give no explanation for the delay, we will give them a first warning. However, should this be repeated, they will immediately have their accounts suspended until they contact us and give us an explanation which we will decide if reasonable or not. Clients are also kindly requested to let the tutors know if they choose not to hire them-it’s a nice thing to do!

Project Submission Policy: 

If a Service Provider delays their project submission to the client, 20% will be subtracted from their total pay with 15% returned to the client as a way of making amends and appeasing them. A delayed project is one that is submitted after the agreed deadline-regardless of the length of time, therefore service providers are encouraged and will be expected to submit their work to Fun-Lugha at least a full hour before the set deadline. In cases whereby the submitted work requires proofreading before submitting to the client, the work will be expected at a reasonable time, such that will allow the proofreader sufficient time to proofread and make the deadline.

Payment Policy: 

Tutors/Teachers will be required to pay Fun-Lugha a one off fee which is usually the equivalent of 2 lessons’ worth. More details will be provided on request.

Tutees/Students won’t be required to pay Fun-Lugha any service fee. More details will be provided on request.

All other language service providers will be paid in accordance with their agreement with Fun-Lugha.

Clients for other services besides tuition will be making ALL payments directly to Fun-Lugha.

Payment Details: Will be provided upon request

Violation of Terms:  

Violation of these terms may result in a permanent ban with no refund.

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